Music to listen to while tripping on acid

There are different genre of music but when the acid hit you hard, we have a short playlist of top musics to listen. During an acid trip, you experience a moment of creativity. Many musicians have successful sound tracks inspired by LSD or and acid trip. An example is “ACID RAIN” by CHANCE THE RAPPER who admitted on MTV that the drug inspired his album Acid Rap. In his track “Acid Rain,” where he raps, “Kicked off my shoes, tripped acid in the rain.” We deduce he actually experienced and acid trip, who know.

The idea of incorporating music into psychedelic therapy isn’t new; it was a point of great interest to music therapists in the 60s. A brilliant study was carried out by Dr. Mendel Kaelen to give more grounds to this idea. The purpose of the experiment was to combine the influence of music and psychedelic drugs in human. By doing so Kaelen and his research team tried to come up with the perfect playlist. This experiment was carried out to elaborate studies on psychedelic drugs and consider how they can be use therapeutically.

Therapeutic Experiment Combining LSD and MUSIC

In the study, ten volunteers listened to five instrumental tracks on two occasions. On the first, they were given a placebo and on the second, they were given LSD.

What music is suitable for judging emotional responses on acid? The participants listened to two different playlists, the “emotional potency” of which were balanced based on earlier assessments from a separate group of people. The selected tracks were among those judged most likeable and least familiar. Dr. Kaelen explained that familiarity with a track could influence people’s emotional response. If the music is too familiar, it can reduce the ability to have a new experience. This is because you’ve already had an experience with that song before in your life. More on Dr. Mendel Kaelen’s work on

Experimental Playlist

The resulting playlists both include ambient and neo-classical tracks by artists Brian McBride, Ólafur Arnalds, Arve Henriksen, and Greg Haines. The participants in the emotional response study were asked to rate how emotionally affected they were by the music. The researchers found that participants reported a significantly higher emotional response to the music when they took LSD, and that emotions related to wonder, transcendence, tenderness and power were particularly increased.

A majority of the volunteers pointed Haines, a British composer as their favorite in the playlist.

Music to listen to on acid

Music to listen to on acid trip vary. You have a wide variety of playlist like those listed on reddit communities. However, after pointing out a few from reddit and other popular sites. These are the songs to listen when on an ACID TRIP.

Suggestions to listen: Brightblack Morning Light, Squarepusher (Ultravisitor), Boards of Canada (Campfire Headphase), Opeth (I’m meh on Opeth, but a lot of metal people like them), Porcupine Tree (Fuck yeah, try In Absentia, 2 or The Incident, 2), Deep Forest (Listen to “Forest Hymn” and tell me that wouldn’t be badass tripping balls), Gygorgy Ligeti Etudes, Flaming Lips (Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots), Godspeed You Black Emperor, MGMT (Oracular Spectacular “Take only what you need from it” from this track is one of my LSD mottos), Radiohead (a lesser known gem by them), Shpongle, Wu Lyf (Go Tell Fire to the Mountain) to start.

Also, why not actual jazz? Some jazz is as psychedelic as anything under the label ‘psychedelic.’ Why not go to the source and check out the masters while you’re checked out: John Lee Hooker (Boom Boom), John Coltrane (A Love Supreme you wanna talk about riffs?), Nina Simone (Sinnerman, Mississippi Goddamn), Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra (1, 2), Anthony Braxton to start.

By Enthusiastically from reddit playlist

See the experience of a trip in the Film LIMITLESS. There in summary, with the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100% of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard.

7 Songs inspired By Acid Trips

The short list of songs you can listen to understand the an acid trip are;

  • Acid Rain by Chance the Rapper ; the Album ACID RAP
  • Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips
  • White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
  • I Am the Walrus by The Beatles
  • Lysergic Bliss by of Montreal
  • Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis
  • Black Peter by The Grateful Dead

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